Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eclipse GWT Plugin - Display Javascript object properties functionality not working

Hello,    We recently discovered the 'Display Javascript object properties' setting in the preferences view of the GWT plugin in eclipse.    We are on eclipse Juno (20120606-2254) and also have indigo installations. We can't seem to get this very nice feature to work on all our eclipses, only 1 guy has gotten it to work and he can't recall any special steps he had to take before he got it to work.    We are just testing this on the hello world app which is automatically created when you create a new gwt project with the eclipse wizard - just to rule out any dependencies from our application we are building.    The only thing we are seeing when we inspect a JS object is the 'hostedModeReference' object with its value and reference sub-fields.    Are we missing something obvious - should we do something else besides enabling the setting in the Preferences - Google tab page?    I hope we can get this working as this feature is a major time saver!    many thanks in advace.

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