Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Re: which EventBus

yeah, well, I guess I need to adapt to the brave new world, where a two-line paragraph in the Javadoc passes for documentation. Perhaps this is the price we pay for having access to the source. Still, it's a long and hard road, from reading GWT sources, to building an understanding of concepts.

The good news is that my posting got published in this group, so I can ask here if I get into any trouble -:)


On Friday, July 27, 2012 1:47:13 PM UTC+10, andrewsc wrote:
I'm going through the MVP Tutorial Part One with the Tutorial-Contacts
The article recommends the use of HandlerManager and points to a 2.0 copy of the JavaDoc
However, the more recent 2.4 Javadoc has the following recommendation:
application developers are strongly discouraged from using a HandlerManager instance as a global event dispatch mechanism.
What is the recommended replacement in 2.4 ? 
I've seen SimpleEventBus being used in 2.4 apps, but I can't find any description of it, apart from JavaDoc mentining it is a wrap around legacy.
Does anyone have more material about SimpleEventBus ?

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