Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Add Dependencies?

Hey guys, 

Wanted to start out by saying thank you for your time and help.  

I have been programming in GWT for a couple of years now, but only under the "we have to get this done and uploaded right now" emergency mindset. I have not done a lot of cleanup, but now have that opportunity.  

I wanted to know the generally accepted procedure for adding a dependency jar file.  I have been saving them all to the war directory in each project and adding that directory into the build path.  So I pretty much have multiple copies of each file laying around and just upload a bunch when I put a new webapp onto my server.  It works, particularly when you have higher priorities.  But I want to introduce a higher degree of professionalism and correctness at this time.  

Direct question: Is there a directory where most people save their jar files for dependencies to?  Like somewhere in the eclipse folder?  How do most (professional, unlike me) developers handle adding dependencies?

Thank you VERY much, I appreciate all of your time and feedback, even if it basically says that I am an idiot.  


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