Sunday, July 29, 2012

How do you over ride a css definition in GWT using CSSResource?


Been working on my first GWT app and have come across this problem where I need to override a CSS in an existing widget. Specifically to remove the Grid Selection border around a cell when a row has focus. From my research I gather I need to perform several steps. I've traced this css down to


So I create this in a new css file (lets say "mods.css").

--- mods.css
@external dataGridSelectedRowCell

.dataGridSelectedRowCell {

At this point I have to include it in a RssResource.

public interface NewGridStyle extends {
public String dataGridSelectedRowCell();


In my code I use the following lines

DataGrid.Resources resources = GWT.create(NewGridStyle.class);
dg = new DataGrid<Plan>(PAGE_SIZE, resources, getDataProvider()

When I try to compile my app, I get the following error:

Rebind result 'net.tofusoft.GWT.NewGridStyle' must be a class

So what did I do wrong?

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