Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Re: Application size due to Internationalization

> Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, I did this. But the main issue I am unable
> to solve is the size of the code. It is too big to deploy on

I don't think that is the case.

Prior to AE1.7, I was over the limit due to permutations as well.
AE1.6 was 150MB/app right, and 1.7 is 1gb (total for all apps)

It wasn't that difficult to serve the permutation files out of the blobstore.

The overview is:

1) ant task to move permutation stuff into /serve_from_blobstore folder
2) class to upload /serve_from_blobstore permutations (including .rpc
files, and no-cache stuff) using BlobstoreService
3) servlet to handle the upload - stores blob and map (in datastore
entity) the req url and blob key
4) filter to serve blobs. If request matches /myAppName, serve blob
by looking up blob key from request url using the enitity map created
in 3 [my *.gwt.xml file was using <module rename-to='myAppName'>]
5) task to delete blobs for particular app version

Probably the trickiest things were catching the failed uploads (it
sporadically happened) and making sure they were retried until
successful and ensuring a versions blobs were all deleted.

I'm under 500 mb now so I just have two versions (and stay under the
1gb limit) and don't serve from the blobstore but have the
infrastructure in place should the need arise.

There is no way your app minus permutations is over 1gb I think. I
don't see the size of language permutations as a barrier to deploying
on AppEngine.

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