Tuesday, July 31, 2012

call java method with generics from jsni

hi all.

Can I call a java instance method with generic parameters from jsni code ?

In my case:

public interface ArrayListCallback<T> {
boolean call(T item, int index);
/** ArrayList is my overlay */
public class ArrayList<T extends JavaScriptObject> extends JavaScriptObject {

public native final ArrayList<T> each(ArrayListCallback<T> c)/*-{
    var f = $entry(function(item, index){
        return c.@my.package.collection.ArrayListCallback::call(TT;I)(item, index);
    return this.each(f);


my problem is with call() method calling (containing a generic type parameter). Eclipse editor autocompletes like that but it won't compile.

So my question is is it possible to do that call?

Thanks in advance.

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