Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AutoBean with Subclasses


I have 4 interfaces:

public interface Ainterface{

public interface Binterface extends Ainterface{
public interface Cinterface extends Ainterface{ 
public interface Dinterface {
   Ainterface getA();
   void setA(Ainterface a);

I have included all interfaces in my AutoBeanFactory.

Question: when I decode/encode Dinterface, how do I know if Ainterface is extended by Binterface or Cinterface? How does AutoBean support polymorphism? 

To make it easier, I can add a variable (for ex, shape) in Ainterface to indicate which Binterface or Cinterface I have and then cast Ainterface to Binterface/Cinterface. However, I run into ClassCastException. Should I have separate interfaces; one that consists Binterface and one consists Cinterface? Is there other solution to this problem? 

Thank you,

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