Tuesday, July 31, 2012

querySelectorAll IE8

Hey guys,

I am facing a strange problem related to CSS query selector in IE8. I am using standard HTML Doctype.

Sample HTML:
<div id="container">
    <input id="field" type="text" />
The container div is a HTMLPanel.

GWT Native Code:
private static native NodeList<Element> nativeQuery(Element root, String query)/*-{
        var root = obj || $doc;
        return root.querySelectorAll(query);

If I use this code like nativeQuery(getElement(), "#field") where getElement() is the root element of HTMLPanel, it complains in IE8 saying object doesn't support this property.

Plain Javascript Code:
var list = document.getElementById('container').querySelectorAll('#field');

This code runs fine in IE8 and returns me a nodelist containing 1 element.

Can anybody suggest what is the problem with my GWT native method?


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