Monday, January 30, 2012

Re: SWT Browser requires a compatible xulrunner version installed

I know this is about a year old, but I am getting the same error in Indigo. My platform is slackware. I don't have xulrunner installed as a package separate from firefox et al.

I was wondering a few things,

1. Which version of xulrunner should I install for Indigo,
2. I thought eclipse was cross-platform, and (at least as of Indigo) eRCP is a core package. If it is indeed MS Windows (versions?) only, is there a list of at least core packages online somewhere that aren't really cross-platform?

The rest of the problems (org.eclipse.wb.ercp being an id that doesn't show up at all in the package list in the "install software" wizard and only shows up in error messages, suggesting linking to a compatible xulrunner, org.eclipse.wb.ercp appearing to be a WindowBuilder subclass, et al) are things I should take up with eclipse on their mailing list, but if anyone is still reading this and could clarify these two things it would be appreciated.

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