Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doubt on Data Grid setFieldUpdater() method

Hi Thomas,

I have confused with data grid's setFieldUpdater(), in my data grid I have one column with an Editable Text cell, but inside the setFieldUpdater() method Im not changing the object's value, or in other words I m not doing anything within setFieldUpdater()''s update() method, all that I have in it is dataProvider.refresh(), thats all and what I expect is that I want the same old value of the editable Text cell to be reflected on blur or on Focus Out, as petr me this should happen as I have not changed the actual object.

One more thing on it is, say after editing something on the editable text cell, I select the same cell again and dont edit it again and simply blur out only then it shows up the actual object value, i.e it gives the expected behavior . 


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