Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PopupPanel.showRelativeTo an individual date on a DatePicker?

Can this be done?

I am not using any extensions or other libraries, just GWT 2.4 itself.

I have a screen that is used for scheduling, and thus shows several
DatePickers next to each other, each showing a different month, and
with the month-forward and month-back buttons disabled.

Some of the individual dates will have a marking indicating that
events or meetings are scheduled.

What I would like is to be able to have the user hover over the marked
date, and have a PopupPanel appear and show the details of what's

More or less I have this working - however, while I can center() the
PopupPanel, it's relatively small, and I want to show it near the date
that's actually being hovered over.

The best I've been able to manage thus far is
PopupPanel.showRelativeTo(datePickerInstance). This is the sort of
behavior I want (show below, to left, to right, above, whatever, based
on how much room there is on the client), but I would like it to be
relative to the individual date within the DatePicker, rather than
relative to the entire DatePicker itself.

Is it possible to get a handle to the UIObject that shows the date
(ie: the 17, for, say, July 17th), and thus show the PopupPanel
relative to that?

Thanks in advance.

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