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Re: native javascript functions manipulation in java - overlay types

On Friday, January 27, 2012 5:27:10 PM UTC+1, Sebastian Gurin wrote:
Ok I found more or less how to do what I want, the following registers a click handler in a native DOM object:

public class DomEventTest1 {
public static interface ClickHandler {
        void notifyClick(Element source);

/** call this directly from your Entry point class */
public static void test(RootPanel rootPanel) {
        //create a button using gwt DOM
        ButtonElement button1 = Document.get().createPushButtonElement();
        addClickHandler(button1, new ClickHandler() {        
                public void notifyClick(Element source) {
public static native void addClickHandler(Element e, ClickHandler handler)/*-{
        //dirty click handler registration, only for testing
        e.onclick=function() {                        

You should wrap your function in $entry() so that a) exceptions are routed to the GWT.UncaughtExceptionHandler and b) Scheduler.scheduleEntry and Scheduler.scheduleFinally run appropriately. Also, note that you could pass the event to your Java code as a NativeEvent:

e.onclick = $entry(function(e) {

(you might have to tweak the code for IE, which doesn't pass the event as an argument but uses window.event (or should it be $wnd.event?))


Now two quiestion about jsni.

The first question is: the statement
is a valid javascript statement? or is it some internal gwt compiler language that is translated to javascript?

No, it's a special syntax for JSNI. It's not valid JavaScript.

What I would like is to be able of represent any javascript function using java objects, like Runnable or other. The main problem for this is be able to call a java instance method from javascript having the java class name, method name and signature in strings. I would like something like:

public static native void callJavaInstMethod(Object javaThisEl, String className, String methodName, String methodSignature, Object[]params)/*-{
        //and here do something like:

I tried to archieve something like this unssuccessfully with eval and other hacks. A method like this, will allow me to represent any javascript function using java objects. For example, instead of writing methods like addClickHandler by hand, I could use an Artificial AbstractRunnable class for represent javascript functions as java objects and do:

button1.addClickHandler(new AbstractRunnable1<Element>(){
        public void run(Element e) {

Any ideas on how to call a java instance method from native javascript having all the necesary information in Strings ?

The GWT compiler will obfuscate all class names and method names, so it's not going to work. Only solution would be to create a map, something like:

   map['org.sgx.gwtraphaljstest.client.js.test.DomEventTest1.ClickHandler::notifyClick(Lcom/google/gwt/dom/client/Element;)'] =

(note that we don't call the method, we only reference it!)

   var fn = map[className + '::' + methodName + '(' + methodSignature + ')'];
   fn.apply(javaThisEl, params);

(but note that params would have to be a JS array if you want this to work in DevMode, as a Java array will be an opaque object in JS)

Or of course you could do it using switch/case or if/else:
   switch (className + '::' + methodName) {
      case 'org.sgx.gwtraphaljstest.client.js.test.DomEventTest1.ClickHandler::notifyClick':

However, I'd suggest you try to find another approach, as the compiler won't be able to prune unused code and produce an optimally optimized code.

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