Monday, January 30, 2012

Re: CappuccinoGWT

FWIW, the GWT incubator has slider and progress bars (technically
"had"; it's no longer supported). It's probably not as simple as just
adding a jar file, but I've been using tweaked versions of them for a
few years now (currently on GWT 2.4.0).

On Jan 27, 6:57 pm, divStar <> wrote:
> Looks really nice. I wish GWT had a slider-widget itself. Besides: it
> looks very nice in terms of the looks. I don't know about how easy/
> intuitive it is to use it. Maybe I've missed it, but if you could
> include some really simple examples on what I need to do in order to
> implement that framework into my application, it'd be really helpful
> (I'm not very well versed in terms of using frameworks on top of GWT -
> I use pure GWT most of the time).

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