Monday, January 30, 2012

Re: Capturing “Cancel” selection from GWT Activity.mayStop() response

I think you have to manage the selection in your CellTable by hand based on the place (you dont want to change the place based on SelectionModel changes).

Never done it before (and maybe it doesn't work) but I think would create a custom cell that overwrites AbstractCell.handlesSelection() to return true (by default it returns false) and listens for click events. When you click on this custom cell it should call placeController.goTo(...). So its kind of a "UserPlaceCell". Because handlesSelection() returns false now, the CellTable would not update the SelectionModel by itself when clicking on a cell, so it still contains the current selection.

The activity for your left column which displays the CellTree should now update the CellTree SelectionModel based on the current place (probably by listening to PlaceChangeEvents). Because the activity now controls the selection based on place changes, the selection will not change if the user canceled the place change. => your views should be in sync.

I hope this helps.

-- J.

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