Sunday, January 29, 2012

GWT + App Engine = problem with static files size


I have an application built with pure GWT 2.4 (with no other
frameworks) with GAE, and I'm having a big problem with the current
limit of static files size on GAE: 150 MB (more about it:

The problem is: my application contains 3 modules, with 3 entry
points. Each module is compiled to 5 browsers (ie8, ie9, gecko1_8,
safari, opera). Each symbolMap file has about 3MB.

So, only with symbolMaps, I have 3 modules * 5 browsers * 3MB each =

Oh, and there is the I18n problem. Supporting 3 locales, I'd have
everything * 3, which gives me 135 MB. But the application is not only
about symbolMaps files, I also have a lib folder, with 20 MB, and the
server side code. So, yes, with a not-so-big application, I hit the
static file limit of GAE.

My question is: Is there a way I can upload those symbolMap files to
my BlobStore (as regular files) and then use them from the script
loader? In other words: is it possible to change the location of those
files, in a way I can control the URL (making them point to the GAE's
BlobStore) ?

Thank you.

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