Monday, January 30, 2012

Re: compiled js files do not work, if compiled "obfuscated", only if compiled "pretty"

Tried from the latest trunk, xs obfuscated still not working... Only
pretty .-)


On jan. 24, 19:19, ustakraharez <> wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the quick answer!
> I tried with PRETTY and -optimize 9 and also optimize 0. Both of them
> worked, and the best optimization gives 5.8Mb file the worst give
> 6.5Mb so still not 2.5Mb that obfuscation gives. I try to investigate
> further tomorrow, thanks for the tip.
> On jan. 24, 18:07, Colin Alworth <> wrote:
> > Compiling in PRETTY also turns off some of the optimizations, so turn them
> > back up again using -optimize 9 in your args. This will hopefully allow you
> > to reproduce the issue, but still see what the code looks like to find
> > where the error is taking place.
> > See
> > for the full list of args that are possible.

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