Thursday, December 29, 2011

Re: RequestFactory - Intermittent "The AutoBean has been frozen" on newly created

Yeah, I put that code into a click handler for a button so I can just
repeatedly fire it off. It's the only code in the function.

It seems like something is trying to edit the result before my
receiver callbacks are called. I say that because it works on the
server side every single time. If I click that button 5 times, I'll
end up with 5 entities in my data store.

On Dec 28, 10:09 am, "Aidan O'Kelly" <> wrote:
> From the code you posted, it should work fine (even the original code). Is
> it all executed in one function? It sounds like there's some paths of
> execution which differ from it, and somehow end up calling setName() on a
> frozen proxy.

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