Thursday, December 29, 2011

Re: Creating image from base64

Thanks, Jens! It's a good decision in my opinion.

On 27 дек, 19:41, Jens <> wrote:
> If you want to support larger images (larger than 32kb) and/or IE6/IE7 you
> have to use your current approach:
> class MyImage implements Serializable {
>     String imageUrl; //which will point to your image servlet
>     AddtionalData addtionalData;
> }
> And in my opinion there is nothing wrong with it. You fetch all the data
> you need in one GWT request and the browser then loads the image by its
> Url. That way you got the additional data faster and you can already
> display them while the image is still loading. Also using this approach the
> browser can cache the image if the URL for the image does not change. If
> you are trying to use base64 encoded images in a GWT response you always
> download the image unless you cache it yourself.
> -- J.

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