Saturday, December 31, 2011

Re: A new-comer nightmare, the learning curve and best-practices

well first off i'm not sure how RequestFactory is related to spring, it is more related to orm frameworks integration into GWT. 
actually GWT has a lot more integration with gin (the client side of guice in gwt)  and guice then spring, (unless i'm wrong, but i saw a lot more frameworks using it then with spring). 
as for the lack of/sparse documentation, yep, it is a problem, sometimes i think gwt acts more like a start-up company then well founded one like google, although the developer guide does cover most of the bits, the nuts and bolts are hidden away, without proper documentation aside from the source code (and there's a lot of it).
as for the too much code problem, yep, that's also a problem which seems to be increasing with each major of gwt. 
this is why i've seen frameworks result in code generation of boilerplate codes the ease up this pain. 

although the MVP articles are good, they are rather confusing as GWT doesn't have a direct implementation of them, this is because the Activity Places framework, doesn't exactly cover that (you should replace the word Activity with presenter)  

for the UI, you should stop thinking in terms of pages, but start thinking like a desktop developer, the html page is just a thin cover host, it does nothing more then serve your app to the browser, from then on GWT takes over. 

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