Thursday, December 29, 2011

Re: How to get hold of the instance in an InstanceRequest

On Thursday, December 22, 2011 9:04:27 PM UTC+1, Gregor Frey wrote:
Thank you. So there is no way to implement an instance method outside the domain class?

Yes you can: you simply need a ServiceLocator.
But why woulnt I include all instance methods in the proxy definition then? I hoped I could add methods, that are originally not in the domain object, but are needed just for doing data transformations for the UI, in a separate class.

Declare your method as "Request<Result> doSomething(Instance object)" instead of "InstanceRequest<Instance, Result> doSomething()". The former says the method is declared on the class pointed to by the @Service annotation, while the latter bypasses that annotation and tells the method is declared on the class pointed to by the @ProxyFor annotation of the Instance proxy. Obviously, on the server-side, you'd need a "DomainResult doSomething(DomainInstance object)" method in the former case, and a "DomainResult doSomething()" (declared on the DomainInstance class, so "this" will be the instance you passed to using() on the client-side) in the latter case.

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