Friday, December 30, 2011

How to handle the drag & drop of a hyperlink in GWT

Hi all,

I want to handle the drag & drop of hyperlinks in my app. The
hyperlink could be from any where, therefore I cannot make it
setDragable(true) and setData("link", "the URL") to mark it.

A very similar scenario would be Google Image search by image, where
you can drag & drop a link of image to the search box.

The sample code,

Label lblDropLink = new Label("Drop a link here");
lblDropLink.addDragOverHandler(new DragOverHandler() {

public void onDragOver(DragOverEvent event) {
lblDropLink.setText("Drop here to add the link.");
lblDropLink.addDropHandler(new DropHandler() {

public void onDrop(DropEvent event) {

// QUESTION: how to get the link, and even its text?


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