Thursday, October 25, 2018

Re: Plug in External Application to GWT

On Thursday, 25 October 2018 20:12:49 UTC+11, Jens wrote:
If that external application produces a HTML page then yes, you could display this HTML page in an HTML iframe within a GWT application. Otherwise you must rebuild the UI of the external application in your GWT app and query the external application for data that you use to fill the UI of your GWT app. Querying for data can either happen directly from the GWT app using HTTP requests or indirectly by first querying a HTTP server you implement which in turn asks your external application somehow to provide the data.

While you program in Java when using GWT, at the end you just get a JavaScript application. So in GWT you can only do what a Web Browser / Node.Js allows you to do. Or put differently: If you can't solve your issue using plain JavaScript + HTML then you can't solve it using GWT.

-- J.

Thanks a lot Jens for your quick response on my post...much appreciated 

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