Monday, October 29, 2018

Hash of a Java Type

I am trying to build a proxy, which will intercept requests from oVirt and send errors if the action should not be performed. I just need to implement it in such a manner due to some legacy issues with using internal access control.

I think that by importing some information from oVirt I can easily parse the message in order to find the action type and id of the object on which it is performed.

The problem is with the answer: I need to send the valid answer.
I created a user in oVirt which is a read-only user. So, I get the following answer:


I think the answer should be always pretty the same (maybe only for some cases another one). The only thing which I find tricky here is how to generate a valid hash value?

I found a function in sources of GWT but it accepts a serialization policy and the custom serializers (which is not appropriate for me as for incoming requests I will always look for action type and then object, and for answers I want just to generate this type errors, which I provided above, so I want to include to my proxy as minimum additional information as possible).

So, I would like to find an easy way of generation this hash values (org.ovirt.engine.core.common.errors.EngineFault/2377218566). Or probably it is even possible not ti generate them at all?

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