Sunday, October 7, 2018

Re: New Gradle plugin for GWT available

Thank you. This arrives in the nick of time. I've been using the Schaefer plugin for years, but now that customers have finally upgraded from Java 6, I'm updating to GWT 2.8.2, Java 8, and looking at Java 11 (tried Java 9/Jigsaw over a year ago, and the only changes I had were server side to drop Java Advanced Imaging now that Java itself support TIFF).

On Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 4:00:06 AM UTC-4, esoco GmbH wrote:
Because both existing Gradle plugins for GWT are no longer maintained I forked the most recent of these (previously known as putnami-gradle-plugin) and released the most recent code with a few improvements. The new plugin also supports the current GWT Eclipse plugin so that it can be used together with the Gradle eclipse plugin. The new plugin is available on GitHub:

The most recent version is 1.0.2, released yesterday. Although the names are identical the new plugin should not be confused with the older and even longer unmaintained gwt-gradle-plugin by Steffen Schaefer on GitHub. The configuration syntax is inherited from the more recent Putnami plugin, only have the plugin and task names been changed to the more appropriate gwt. Please check the GitHub page for details.

Feedback and contributions are welcome.

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