Friday, October 5, 2018

Re: gwt-maven-plugin: how can I chnage the Jetty port?

GWT with Gradle is only a couple adhoc tasks away, so no need to change build tool because plugins are lacking.

Back to Maven, the archetype doesn't use the embedded jetty in DevMode, so you need to configure the port in the jetty plugin (there has been an issue on that exact matter a few days ago, go check it out, I had put links to the jetty-maven-plugin docs and a configuration snippet).
You would use codeserverArgs on the root POM to configure the CodeServer port if you'd want to change it.
devmodeArgs is for "mvn gwt:devmode" which you won't use here.

…but as I said above, I'd stay with Gradle and replace the plugin with two adhoc JavaExec tasks for compilation and CodeServer/DevMode, and possibly Gretty for launching a servlet container.

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