Friday, October 12, 2018

Re: Passing method references to HTMLElement.removeEventHandler

It makes sense somehow, but it took me by surprise. Thanks for the explanation.

Is it still good practice to remove listeners when you don't need the html element anymore ? or do modern browser garbage collectors cope with circular references between DOM and JS objects ? It was one of the features of Widgets that they avoided the leaks automatically.
On 12 Oct 2018, 15:40 +0200, Jens <>, wrote:
Method references and lambdas are anonymous implementations. Each usage will create a new instance.

Even in pure Java you have

Runnable r = this::onClick;
Runnable r2 = this::onClick;
System.out.println(Objects.equals(r, r2)); // false

So you should keep track of your click handler if you want to remove it later.

-- J.

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