Friday, October 12, 2018

Programmatically show a certain row in a MaterialDataTable

Hi there,

Enviroment: GWT 2.8.0, MaterialInfiniteDataTable, with InfiniteDataView.DYNAMIC_VIEW

I have a MaterialInfiniteDataTable without pager.

Let's say that the DataTable has 100 rows, and, after loading, the page shows the first rows (say that it loads a range between 0 and 20), of which there are only 5 rows currently displayed on screen.

Question: I would like to show the rows from 50 onward when the user pushes a a button.

I tried calling setVisibleRange() but it seems not to work; it shows only blank space; but, if I invoke the  refresh(), the data table show again the first row.

This is a sample of the code that I've tested:

Range l_visibleRange = m_dataTable.getVisibleRange(); // to get the current range lenght

= new Range(50, l_visibleRange.getLength());// to set the new range

.getView().refresh(); // If I don't call this, the dataTable is blabk, but if I call this, the dataTable rest to first row.

Can someone help me?
Thanks, jago

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