Monday, September 17, 2018

Re: Should I use GWT or anything else for my Web App

For me i use GWT because i am a Java developer with 10+ years of experience and i think that i need to build up something close to this experience in JS before i can say i can produce the same results and being as productive.

Also one of the things that i like the most about GWT is ability to continuously refactor my code using powerful IDE like Intellij or eclipse. 
sharing the code between client and server is also another aspect to look at.

GWT with elemental2 nowadays is super powerful, and MDN documentation helps a lot and makes you think in JS while writing Type Safe java code.

regarding UI there is now good libs for GWT if you are looking for material design: for example
Domino-ui : type safe UI libs based on elemental2 and elemento with material design and has no dependency on external JS.
Vue-Gwt :  GWT wrapper over Vue.js

both are targeting GWT 3.0

On Monday, September 17, 2018 at 4:11:42 PM UTC+3, Snahasish Ghosh wrote:
Hi All

Good morning to all.

I need some help/advice from all of you regarding the uses of GWT in my my web application.

I am little bit confuse regarding uses of GWT or Angular in my application. 

Which should I use ?

Which will be better in terms of UI, security/ back end connectivity .... everything

Thanks in advance.

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