Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Re: GWT 2.9 Questions

Replying to everyone in one go.

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 9:12:38 AM UTC+2, Josselin B. wrote:
Hi Jens,

Any idea for a release date of GWT 2.x ?

No. You can follow advancement at (it doesn't move much though…)
For now, it didn't seem urgent to release a 2.9, as 2.8.2 works great for 99.9% of people.
Will it add better support for java interface default functions ?

What do you mean?
I can't remember issues related to interface default methods (lambdas and method references, sure, but not interface default methods)
Le mer. 5 sept. 2018 à 09:07, Jens <> a écrit :
GWT 2.x will not drop JSNI anytime soon, only GWT 3 will as it uses a different Java -> JavaScript compiler internally. And yes there is really no timeline for GWT 3 as most work is done by contributors in free time. Currently we are trying to migrate GWT 2.x SDK code so it will become GWT 3 compatible with mostly no breaking changes. This process happens on Github and you can see a list of projects being converted here: . Also some people are working on build plugins to provide a better experience out of the box.

GWT 2.x SNAPSHOT already supports Java 10 syntax, however no Java 9 + 10 API additions have been emulated yet in GWT SDK, so you can not use new Optional methods and such things. Also some Java 8 APIs are still missing.

The only syntax addition of Java 11 is using 'var' for lambda parameters. GWT depends on Eclipse JDT stable release in order to support new syntax features. If you don't use that feature then you should probably be able to run current GWT with Java 11, haven't tried it though. Never used OpenJDK with GWT but I can't think of a reason why it should not work.

I (almost) exclusively use OpenJDK, and never had any problem.
Also, OpenJDK 11 and Oracle JDK 11 will (finally) be functionally the same, so if GWT works with Oracle JDK 11, it will work with OpenJDK 11.

GWT 2.8.2 works with OpenJDK 10 and Oracle JDK 10 already, and while I haven't tested I see no reason it wouldn't work with JDK 11 (the big change was Jigsaw/JPMS in JDK 9).

Fwiw, my plan (personal and at work, not for GWT proper) is staying on OpenJDK 8 for a little while (switching from Oracle JDK 8 to OpenJDK 8 if needed). It looks like there will be many OpenJDK packages with LTS support (most Linux distros, AdoptOpenJDK, Zulu) so I may switch to OpenJDK 11 at some point, but I bet it won't be before a year… (first and foremost, our customers clearly aren't ready; some are only just switching off of Java 7 …up to Java 8)

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