Thursday, September 13, 2018

GWT into Spring Boot with remember-me is not working


I have an application based in Spring Boot and the latest GWT 2.8.2. In the application I have some protected resources one with GWT and others with standard Servlets and JSP pages.
Now I have included remember-me feature, the remember-me feature is working with all the protected resources except with GWT section what fails

My GWT Servlets extends RemoteServiceServlet

It is raising this error: Invalid remember-me token (Series/token) mismatch. Implies previous cookie theft attack.

I have debug the internal spring security class PersistentTokenBasedRememberMeServices and the error it is raised because the initial tokenValue for some reason is changed in the middle:

    protected UserDetails processAutoLoginCookie(String[] cookieTokens,
            HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {

        if (cookieTokens.length != 2) {
            throw new InvalidCookieException("Cookie token did not contain " + 2
                    + " tokens, but contained '" + Arrays.asList(cookieTokens) + "'");

        final String presentedSeries = cookieTokens[0];
        final String presentedToken = cookieTokens[1];

        PersistentRememberMeToken token = tokenRepository

        if (token == null) {
            // No series match, so we can't authenticate using this cookie
            throw new RememberMeAuthenticationException(
                    "No persistent token found for series id: " + presentedSeries);

        // We have a match for this user/series combination
        if (!presentedToken.equals(token.getTokenValue())) {
            // Token doesn't match series value. Delete all logins for this user and throw
            // an exception to warn them.

            throw new CookieTheftException(
                            "Invalid remember-me token (Series/token) mismatch. Implies previous cookie theft attack."));

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