Monday, September 17, 2018

Re: First I heard of "Domino UI"

I did some coding with Domino-UI for some examples (testing my framework). It is awesome. Looks nice and offers a lot of widgets. For my next project it would  be my first choice. The folks from Domino UI make a good job. Support is great and I get always help.

But keep in mind, Domnino UI is still in progress. So, there might be some chances before the final release.

I read some things about vue-gwt, but did not use it. So, I am not able to tell you, which one is better. 

Am Montag, 17. September 2018 16:26:45 UTC+2 schrieb Michael Joyner:
First I heard of "Domino UI".

Any one out there with experience with it?

regarding UI there is now good libs for GWT if you are looking for material design: for example
Domino-ui : type safe UI libs based on elemental2 and elemento with material design and has no dependency on external JS.
Vue-Gwt :  GWT wrapper over Vue.js

both are targeting GWT 3.0

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