Friday, September 14, 2018

Re: addWindowClosingHandler only working in IE

I am thinking the problem is in this below code.
But I have not idea how fix this...

Code is from

 * Adds a {@link ResizeEvent} handler.
* @param handler the handler
* @return returns the handler registration
public static HandlerRegistration addResizeHandler(ResizeHandler handler) {
return addHandler(ResizeEvent.getType(), handler);

private static void maybeInitializeCloseHandlers() {
if (GWT.isClient() && !closeHandlersInitialized) {
closeHandlersInitialized = true;
} I also add a bunch of Window resize handlers. And in addResizeHandler for some reason maybeInitializeCloseHandlers() is called. Now when adding a closehandler closeHandlerInitialized is true.... And thus the close handler is not added....

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