Tuesday, September 4, 2018

gwt datetime set date

I am completely unfamiliar with gwt ajax, I need to maintain a project using gwt 2.6.1, is it possible to set the end year of this javascript control DateItem
for example year 2030, could it beem limited to 2020 :

dateItem = new DateItem("expDate");

        dateItem.setWidth(190);// guglielmo was 90 test !
        dateItem.setEndDate(new Date(2030,1,1) );// is it possible to set the date to 2030 ? **********************************
        dateItem.addChangedHandler(new ChangedHandler() {
            public void onChanged(ChangedEvent event) {
                expiration.setValue(EXP_DATE_FORMAT.format(dateItem.getValueAsDate()) + "-" + EXP_TIME_FORMAT.format((Date) timeItem.getValue()));

it seems to default to 1995-2020, is it possible ?
thank you for any clues.

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