Monday, March 19, 2018

Re: GWT with App Engine (standard) and maven?

On Monday, March 19, 2018 at 2:31:34 PM UTC+1, dflorey wrote:
As I test I just created a blank test project from the archetype.
I did not manage to run it either using "maven gwt:devmode".
Is there some additional configuration required to tell the plugin where to find the webapp?
The server launches just fine, an ancient swing window pops up, but the index.html is not there when going to

Any ideas?

gwt:devmode will not package the app, you need to first do a "mvn package" to prepare the webapp; and do a "mvn package" again anytime you change any source file and/or dependency (you can configure Maven and/or your IDE to directly place classes from the module into the webapp's WEB-INF/classes; this saves you a few "mvn package").

When using external servers (recommended), you can configure them to automatically reload the webapp when a class is changed, and to pick web resources right from src/main/webapp.
Webapp will be on http://localhost:8080 (by default), served by the jetty-maven-plugin (or tomcat7-maven-plugin), configured to pick up the shared classes right from *-shared/target/classes (where your IDE will put them).

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