Thursday, March 1, 2018

Re: GWT 2.8.3 plans?

If you want to update GWT every 6 month then just use any HEAD-SNAPSHOT build from a specific day and stay on it for 6 months. GWT does not upload HEAD-SNAPSHOT builds with failed tests so HEAD-SNAPSHOT builds are usually not less stable than a named version release.

At work we stopped using named version releases long time ago and never had any issues. Actually we only had benefits from doing so because you get bugfixes a lot faster. Actually I am a strong believer that it would be the best for GWT to just do automated named version releases every quarter. Basically giving a HEAD-SNAPSHOT build a specific version for people who don't like SNAPSHOT dependencies or don't want to execute the GWT build themselves.

That being said, for now I think there is no specific time frame planed for a 2.8.3 release. But given there are no meeting minutes from the steering group since May 2017, I could be wrong.

-- J.

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