Monday, March 19, 2018

GWT and OAuth Implicit Grant (client side only)

I'm considering using GWT to create a site that accesses a third party API, the third party API requires a token to be included with API calls.

Using the Implicit Flow for token retrieval.

Is there a recommended OAuth library for GWT that provides an OAuth service for the implicit flow?

I.e. one that will:
  1. redirect the user to an issuers login page (where the user enters their credentials).
  2. on authentication redirect the user back to my site.
  3. pass back to my site the authenticated users details (id, name, token). 
I fully expect to have to configure the library/request in some manner, i.e. to specify:
  1. the issuer.
  2. redirection URL (redirection after the authorisation, back to my site)
  3. client id
  4. scope
  5. etc. 
Is there such a library?

Any hints or suggestions greatly appreciated.



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