Monday, March 12, 2018

passing the logLevel in the URL is it possible to retrieve the level inside GWT?

We want to enable debugging when pass the appropriate level with the URL. The problem is that we use web workers and logging in the web worker does not work with the GWT loggers. I want to pass the logLevel to the worker as parameter and then log inside the worker accordingly. Can I retrieve the logLevel from inside GWT somehow? I tried

Logger.getGlobal().getLevel().intValue() but there it tells me

TypeError: java_util_logging_LogManager_$ensureLogger__Ljava_util_logging_LogManager_2Ljava_lang_String_2Ljava_util_logging_Logger_2(...).java_util_logging_Logger_level is null 3063EEEE809B60E2BE21876B6F7EE63A.cache.js:7915:28

So this is not the way to go.

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