Monday, March 19, 2018

Re: GWT with App Engine (standard) and maven?

I've been trying to create a gwt-lib that contains some static web resources (fonts, css, ...) to be used in depending projects.
Where should I place these files? They used to be in the "public" directory on the same level as client/server/shared in the old days when there way just a single project layout.
I'd like to find them in the resulting war when declaring the library as a dependency.
Is this still possible or do I have to replicate the static web resources in each project that requires the gwt-lib?

You can still do the same I guess. Your gwt-lib module should contain a GWT module (*.gwt.xml) and you can place resources into the public folder of that GWT module. The GWT compiler / SuperDevMode should pick that up and copy the resources to the GWT compile output folder once you have inherited your gwt-lib GWT module in other apps.

-- J.

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