Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New GWT project: GWT Boot

As I tried to write an introductory article for GWT newbies I feel that it is so difficult to jump into the development of GWT:
- Docs are outdated
- There are a lot of nice UI frameworks for GWT (domino-ui, gwtbootstrap3, gwtmaterialdesign, vue-gwt, etc.)

So before I write my article I started a GWT project to be able to start faster with all those nice UI frameworks in GWT. The idea of this project is taken from Spring Boot Starters (

I call the project GWT Boot and GWT Boot Starters (has nothing to do with Spring Boot but use the idea of easy start and "boot" a new project but still be scalable).

It is still in progress and I hope to be able to write an introduction article for GWT with the ease of Spring Boot.

Before I continue to support all the UI frameworks available in GWT (see my list:, I would like to know, whether this result is easy enough for GWT newbies:

(1) With simple stand-alone integrated Jetty from GWT:

(2) With Spring Boot to deliver the HTML host file:

The next question would be, should I continue to add support for those UI frameworks as I mentioned here:

or should I try to exchange the module.gwt.xml with my Java config idea first?

Opinions are welcome! Thanks,

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