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Re: Wiered "[ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file..." "cannot be resolved to a type"


That was my fault, I didn't have to resolve dependencies manually for a while. It was just a classpath problem (of a jar added manually because it's not available on maven)

I just had to follow the unresolved symbols causes chain until I found the dependency on //
compile group: '', name: 'gwt-ajaxloader', version: '1.1.0' was not added

Sorry, this wasn't very useful in the forum (it's typically a beginner problem, but since gradle compiling and GWT 2.7 are new to me, I forgot my basics)

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 10:05:19 PM UTC+1, Zied Hamdi wrote:

I have a series of interdependent GWT projects, all the chain works fine, but the last element seems to be unable to read java classes from the generated jar : I checked the jar, the .java and .class files are really there where they are supposed to be : it's amazing that the compiler finds the jar containing the wanted class but it doesn't read it (this is the case for many classes, see the pf file)

[ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/Users/Zied%20Hamdi/git/VuMe/ShopAdmin/build/libs/ShopAdmin-1.0.jar!/fr/onevu/vume/shopadmin/'
[ERROR] fr.onevu.vume.shopadmin.ShopAdminClientFactory cannot be resolved to a type

The project ShopAdmin is the first in the chain to have a src/main/java structure (all other projects are eclipse projects converted to gradle without changing the tree sutrcture). this might be a hint to understand the cause of the issue...

group = 'fr.onevu.vume'
version = '1.0'

apply plugin: 'war'
apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'gwt'
apply plugin: 'eclipse'
apply plugin: 'jetty'
apply plugin: ''  // App Engine tasks

//Java version compatibility to use when compiling Java source.
sourceCompatibility = 1.7
//Java version to generate classes for.
targetCompatibility = 1.7

buildscript {
repositories {
jcenter() //repository where to fetch gwt gradle plugin
dependencies {
classpath 'de.richsource.gradle.plugins:gwt-gradle-plugin:0.6'
classpath ''    // latest App Engine Gradle tasks

// central repository to load the GWT library
repositories {
    maven {
url ''             // Google's mirror of Maven Central
//   url '' // SNAPSHOT Repository (if needed)


dependencies {
compile group: '', name: 'gradle-appengine-plugin', version: '1.9.42'
compile project(':VuMetest')

// needed for Maps API
compile group: '', name: 'gwt-ajaxloader', version: '1.0.0'
compile group: '', name: 'gwt-user', version: '2.7.0'
compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: '*.jar')

gwt {
modules 'fr.onevu.vume.ShopAdmin'
logLevel = 'ERROR'
minHeapSize = "1024M";
maxHeapSize = "2048M";
superDev {
// The following is only needed if you don't use the Google Plugin for Eclipse.
addGwtContainer=true // Default set to true
//Specify the deployment Port
jettyRunWar.httpPort = 8089

jar {
  manifest {
    attributes 'Implementation-Title': 'IntoGwt', 'Implementation-Version': version
  from project.sourceSets.main.allJava
  from('src/main/java') {
    include '**/*.xml'
    include '**/*.css'
    include '**/*.png'
    include '**/*.properties'
    exclude '**JUnit**'

but the generated jar file has everything in place : the uncompresses jar contains the class there where it is supposed to be :

 R‚pertoire de c:\temp\ShopAdmin-1.0\fr\onevu\vume\shopadmin

25/10/2016  22:00    <REP>          .
25/10/2016  22:00    <REP>          ..
25/10/2016  22:00    <REP>          activity
25/10/2016  22:00    <REP>          activitymappers
25/10/2016  21:43               856 ContentManager$1.class
25/10/2016  21:43             1ÿ836 ContentManager.class
23/09/2016  19:29               988
25/10/2016  22:00    <REP>          i18n
25/10/2016  22:00    <REP>          request
25/10/2016  21:43             1ÿ225 ShopAdmin$1.class
25/10/2016  21:43             1ÿ112 ShopAdmin$2.class
25/10/2016  21:43             6ÿ486 ShopAdmin.class
23/09/2016  19:29             5ÿ439
25/10/2016  21:43             1ÿ488 ShopAdminActivityManager$1.class
25/10/2016  21:43             2ÿ907 ShopAdminActivityManager.class
27/09/2016  12:59             1ÿ962
25/10/2016  21:43             4ÿ466 ShopAdminClientFactory.class
23/09/2016  19:29             2ÿ838
25/10/2016  21:43            11ÿ472 ShopAdminClientFactoryImpl.class
23/09/2016  19:29             7ÿ249
25/10/2016  21:43             1ÿ638 ShopAdminEnvironment$1.class
25/10/2016  21:43             7ÿ853 ShopAdminEnvironment.class
23/09/2016  19:29             4ÿ060
25/10/2016  21:43             1ÿ476 ShopAdminFacade.class
23/09/2016  19:29               794
25/10/2016  21:43             1ÿ426 ShopAdminPlaceController.class
23/09/2016  19:29             1ÿ024
25/10/2016  22:00    <REP>          view
              21 fichier(s)           68ÿ595 octets

 R‚pertoire de c:\temp\ShopAdmin-1.0\fr\onevu\vume\shopadmin\activity

Any ideas?

Best reagrds,

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