Wednesday, October 26, 2016

HowTo use GWT EvenBus to schedule OpenEvent -> CloseEvent sequence

[ Original post on StackOverflow ]

Say we have few handlers for both events. The goal is to make sure, that all OpenEvent handlersfinish before any of CloseEvent handlers start their job. The old EventBus had a reverse order flag, which sometimes helped greatly in these particular cases. I.e. a handler, responsible for launching some process which leads to CloseEvent being fired (i.e. event emitter), usually registers itself to a bus first.

Now, due to a synchronous nature of javascript each handler of OpenEvent ends his job before the next handler starts. In my app the first OpenHandler added to a bus is a CloseEvent emitter. Therefore I get an undesirable sequence of calls: 1st handler of OpenEvent -> all CloseEvent handlers -> the rest of OpenEvent handlers.

My question is: what's the best practice to establish the desirable behavior? So far as a workaround I use Scheduler.scheduleDeferred(Scheduler.ScheduledCommand cmd) to enqueueEventBus.fireEventFromSource(Event event, Object source) of CloseEvent call to the next browser's event loop tick.

p.s. My current thoughts are as follows. I don't want to rely of Timer or Scheduler (though it might be the only option, which I'm not sure about). Also I have no interest in introducing any flag variables, responsible for tracking which event occurred first. Instead, if one looks closer into theSimpleEventBus code, there's a firingDepth counter variable, which only works to delayaddHandler(...) and removeHandler(...) calls. It would be great, if same logic could be applied to order call sequences of handlers for different events.

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