Thursday, October 27, 2016

Re: Unchanged transient field received as null on server using RequestFactory - how to force to send?

Ah, ok - I didn't realize that I was able to provide my own modification of the locator method.  In my debugging of our code, I saw the RF framework do a direct to an EntityManager.find() method.  For some reason I didn't see that this was something we could modify.  I also wasn't aware of @PostLoad.  I'll look into both of those then, thanks!

- Tim

On Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 2:36:54 PM UTC-7, Jens wrote:

 But when RF looks up the current value to compare, it will always be null because the regular lookup doesn't set the transient value.

RF expects a correctly filled entity after loading it from the DB using the entity locator methods (because RF only sends changed data). It's your job to provide a correctly filled entity. You must update your entity locator method to fill the @Transient field or you have to use JPA @PostLoad to "automatically" fill the @Transient field once the entity has been loaded from DB.

Otherwise use a ValueProxy as it does not has a DB identity and thus all values will be send by the client.

-- J.

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