Thursday, October 27, 2016

Compiler error

Hi, I have a static method

public class PolygonEditor {
public static void create(
PropertyInspector inspector) {
    PropertyInspector.PropertyRollup rollup = inspector.createRollup("PolygonEditor");
    rollup.addButton("switch water on selected", () -> {

It compiles and works.
But when I do this :

if (false) rollup.addButton("switch water on selected", () -> {

I'm getting the following error, what can it be ?

[INFO] Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException  [INFO] 	at  [INFO] 	at$CleanupRefsVisitor.endVisit(  [INFO] 	at  [INFO] 	at  [INFO] 	at  [INFO] 	... 32 more  [INFO]          [ERROR] at PolygonEditor.lambda$3()  [INFO]     [INFO]          [ERROR] at PolygonEditor.lambda$3()  [INFO]     [INFO]          [ERROR] at {  [INFO]   PolygonEditor.lambda$3();  [INFO] }  [INFO]     [INFO]          [ERROR] at {  [INFO]   PolygonEditor.lambda$3();  [INFO] }  [INFO]     [INFO]          [ERROR] at delightex.client.editors.PolygonEditor$lambda$3$  [INFO]     [INFO]          [ERROR] at delightex.client.editors.PolygonEditor$lambda$3$Type (final extends Object implements Runnable)  [INFO]     [INFO]       [ERROR] Unrecoverable exception, shutting down

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