Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Re: GWT Eclipse Plugin and Update Maven Project

Could you file a bug with a maven project I could replicate the issue with? 

The maven configurator should provide the war source, target directory and the GWT nature to Eclipse. If it isn't doing it, I'd like to know why and to do that I need to run the project and check to see if there is something a muck. 



On Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 6:23:06 AM UTC-7, Gražvydas Valeika wrote:

I observe one problem of  GWT Eclipse Plugin( when using it with maven project.

Debugging works very well.  


- my project contains WAR directory, and GWT project setting "This project has WAR directory" (src/main/webapp) is checked.

- GWT debug configuration arguments contain -war ...../src/main/webapp.

- when I check GWT project setting "Launch and deploy from this directory (disabled because this is a Maven project)" - everything works perfectly.

Problem occurs when I Update Maven Project (Alt+F5).

Then GWT project setting "Launch and deploy from this directory (disabled because this is a Maven project)" is unchecked and more unpleasant - when launching debugger something cleans this directory - removes web.xml, static resources etc.

What is proper way to mitigate this?



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