Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Re: chrome 53 freezes my GWT 2.7 app

I was actually about to open a new topic on this exact issue till i found this. We have a rather gwt large app, where we are at the point of setting our SDM VM args to -Xmx14g. All was working well until yesterday when I updated from Chrome 53 to Chrome 54. Now, everytime I try to hit a breakpoint in super dev mode, it actually hits the breakpoint in dev tools, the does its normal spinning (where its loading up the source maps), then after 3 seconds completely crashes the chrome tab with an Chrome Out of Memory Exception. Note: the app works fine in super dev mode as long as i dont hit any breakpoints. Also, I have plenty of free ram available. Im thinking this is an issue with Chrome itself, but figured I'd check here first. (let me know if I should break this out into its own thread)

On Friday, September 30, 2016 at 7:23:17 AM UTC-4, Kirill Prazdnikov wrote:
Debugging in Chrome is broken for me.
It consumes 100% cpu and hangs.
I use an old Chrome to work.

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