Thursday, October 27, 2016

My GWT 2.8 app stopped working with Chrome 54 (timers not working anymore)


My Chrome updated yesterday from version 53 to 54 and this made my GWT 2.8 app stop working.

There is no error message in the console but after some investigation, I noticed that the problem come from the timers which are not called anymore (whatever the method: GWT Timer / Elemental2 / JSNI). It's like setTimeout() doesn't work anymore in the browser (and this is what freezes my app).

However if I write a simple GWT 2.8 app whose code is just a timer invocation, it works in Chrome 54...

The timers stop working only when I invoke my application logic (a quite big app). So it looks like something breaks the timers in the compiled javascript code, but I don't know how to investigate further (as the whole application logic run without error).

My app works fine in FireFox.

Any idea what's happening?

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