Monday, May 30, 2016

Re: jsinterop: GWT app as a widdget: default script injection fails.

This looks like the logical conclusion to my question.

Since the aboveis probably several years down the road I wonder if anyone has any more ideas or workarounds in how to work with GWT/jsinterop and foreign js libraries __loaded in GWT context__ (iframe) in the immediate future...


  Thanks in advance.

On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 1:01 PM, Vassilis Virvilis <> wrote:

This issue has been discussed before

Here is the problem in my own words:

When a script is injected GWT has the option to inject it in the TOP_WINDOW ($wnd) or in the iframe window where GWT code is located normally.

Case 1: Insert in $wnd

Everything works but the page is polluted with the scripts you inject. This is not a problem when the GWT application controls the whole page. It is however a problem when GWT program is loaded as part of a page (Widget). Then all kind of problems may arise due to javascript libraries clashing.

Case 2: insert in iframe window (default)

The script is loaded but jsinterop assumes that the scripts are loaded in $wnd which is not true.


Is it possible to
1) add a compile time flag in jsinterop that will not prepend $wnd in all global objects defined by the script ...OR...
2) add a namespace JsPackage.LOCAL (as opposed to JsPackage.GLOBAL) option that does not imply $wnd ...OR...
3) do something that fixes the problem somehow!

Vassilis Virvilis

Vassilis Virvilis

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