Friday, May 13, 2016

jsinterop: modeling inheritance problem


I am trying to model with jsinterop libraries that build upon jquery such as bootstrap and As such I would like to extend the basic jquery return type with a child class.

For example

where JQuerySelection is
@JsType(isNative = true)
public class BaseClass {}

@JsType(isNative = true)
public class ChildClass extends BaseClass{}

The upcasting from BaseClass to ChildClass does not work.

If I use interfaces instead of class definition it works and I can cast but I am loosing the capability to have non static @jsoverlay methods

Is this a bug? Is this on purpose? Is there any workaround? What is the best practice in such cases?

I originally asked this question here.
Hopefully now makes more sense.

Vassilis Virvilis

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