Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Re: Getting username from url only works after refresh

I've tried that before, and I didn't managed to get the username to be visible in my ViewImpl...

For example. This is the structure I have:

public class UserActivity extends AbstractActivity implements UserView.Presenter {

private ClientFactory clientFactory;
private String name;

public UserActivity(UserPlace place, ClientFactory clientFactory) {
this.name = place.getPlaceName();
this.clientFactory = clientFactory;

public void start(final AcceptsOneWidget containerWidget, EventBus eventBus) {
UserView userView = clientFactory.getUserView();


public void goTo(Place place) {


public class UserPlace extends Place {

private String username;

public UserPlace(String username) {
this.username = username;

public String getPlaceName() {
return username;

public static class Tokenizer implements PlaceTokenizer<UserPlace> {

public UserPlace getPlace(String token) {
return new UserPlace(token);

public String getToken(UserPlace place) {
return place.getPlaceName();



public interface UserView extends IsWidget {

void setName(String name);

void setPresenter(Presenter presenter);

public interface Presenter {
void goTo(Place place);

public class UserViewImpl extends Composite implements UserView {


public UserViewImpl() {
Widget mainMenu = createMenu();


How can I access the username I send from my LoginViewImpl like shown above in my UserViewImpl ? 

Thanks in advance

marți, 31 mai 2016, 01:25:10 UTC+3, Olar Andrei a scris:

My login based application, requires to always know the username of the logged in user. (MVP) . So I'm getting the username from the url, but when the page opens after the login succeeded, I can't get the username from the url, because it does not appear to exists, but it is there. It only works after a refresh. Then I'm able to get the username.

The URL is in the form, where I'm splitting the String to only get the admin part.

I thought this is because it downloads the code before verifying the user. So I placed a split point in my code like this: (I don't know if I placed it correctly)

loginButton.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {            @Override          public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {              final String username = usernameBox.getText();              final String password = passwordBox.getText();              GWT.runAsync(new RunAsyncCallback() {                    @Override                  public void onSuccess() {                      performUserConnection(username, password);                  }                    @Override                  public void onFailure(Throwable reason) {                      // TODO Auto-generated method stub                  }              });          }      });      private static void performUserConnection(String username, String password) {      DBConnectionAsync rpcService = (DBConnectionAsync) GWT.create(DBConnection.class);      ServiceDefTarget target = (ServiceDefTarget) rpcService;      String moduleRelativeURL = GWT.getModuleBaseURL() + "DBConnectionImpl";      target.setServiceEntryPoint(moduleRelativeURL);        rpcService.authenticateUser(username, password, new AsyncCallback<User>() {            @Override          public void onSuccess(User user) {                if (user.getType().equals("User")) {                  String username = user.getUsername();                  presenter.goTo(new UserPlace(username));              } else if (user.getType().equals("Admin")) {                  String username = user.getUsername();                  presenter.goTo(new AdminPlace(username));              }          }        }  }

This is happening when the user clicks the login button. Is the split point placed correclty, or not ? How can I get the username without needing to refresh the page after a successful login ?

Thanks in advance

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