Monday, May 23, 2016

JsInterop @JsFunction lambda$0 is not a function in some cases


I'm having some issues with JsInterop in 2.8 snapshot. When I try to use a JsFunction I get an exception, depending on where I declare a lambda for the JsFunction.

I have a JsType defined like this:

@JsType(isNative = true, namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL, name = "Object")
public class ChartConfig {
  public double value;
  public CurrentFunction showCurrent;
  public ChartConfig() {
  public final ChartConfig showCurrent(CurrentFunction pFormatter) {
    showCurrent = pFormatter;
    return this;
  public final ChartConfig showCurrent() {
    showCurrent = text -> text;
    return this;
  public final ChartConfig hideCurrent() {
    showCurrent = null;
    return this;
  public static interface CurrentFunction {
    String format(String pValue);

When I use the first showCurrent method with a lambda everything works fine:

ChartConfig = config = new ChartConfig();
config.showCurrent( t->t);

When I use the second showCurrent method, which should be the same, I get an exception:

ChartConfig = config = new ChartConfig();

TypeError: $wnd.Object.lambda$0 is not a function
    at HFg_g$ [as format_5_g$] (
    at Object.Joe_g$.lambda_0_g$ [as showCurrent] (
    at drawChart ((index):88)
    at oDg_g$ [as render_5_g$] (
    at RHg_g$ [as renderBrokers_0_g$] (
    at HHg_g$ [as onClusterChanged_0_g$] (
    at JHg_g$ [as onMessage_0_g$] (
    at EHg_g$ [as lambda$8_0_g$] (
    at OIg_g$ [as handleEvent_0_g$] (
    at Xli_g$ (
    at Koh_g$ (
    at WebSocket.<anonymous> (
    at qtc_g$ (
    at ttc_g$ (
    at WebSocket.<anonymous> (

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